Self Control Protector (SCP) 10A/12A rated series

Suitable for mobile devices such as tablet PC and notebook PC
  • SFH-0412 / SFH-0810 / SFH-1212 / SFH-1412

Self Control Protector (SCP)
Product Name SFH-0412 / SFH-0810 / SFH-1212 / SFH-1412
Suitable use For Li-ion rechargeable battery
Futures                * It protects Li-ion battery from the overcharge and the overcurrent.
* When the heater is activated and melts fuse element to stop overcharging, the flow of electric current through the heater stops as soon as the charging circuit is cut off.
* Automatically mountable by general-purpose chip mounter as well as reflow solderable using an alloy with a high melting point as a fusible alloy in the device.
* Since the heater is located close to the fuse, the heat is transferred to the fuse efficiently

Struture 12AH4 SC SF :


Specifications Self Control Protector (SCP) :


Maximum voltage at which cutoff of the fuse is possible. It is not the operating voltage for the heater.

UL certificated: UL file No. E167588
TUV certification: Certificate No. J9650637
RoHS directive: Conforming
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